Ovulation Detection Methods

Ovulation Calendar

If your menstrual cycle is generally regular, you can use an ovulation calculator to find out approximately when you will ovulate as well the fertile days in your monthly cycle.

Below is a sample ovulation calendar, generated by MyMonthlyCycles.comOpen in new window. The MyMonthlyCycles free ovulation calendar forecasts your fertility cycle - the fertile days before ovulation, the date of ovulation, and (since the egg can live approximately 12-24 hours), the day following ovulation. Free Ovulation Calendar at MyMonthlyCycles.com

Using MyMonthlyCycles ovulation calendar is simple! You can enter your key cycle dates (last period, cycle length, luteal phase length). Or, if you're using MyMonthlyCycles free menstrual and fertility calendar Open in new window, it can instantly fill in data from your period tracker, including auto-calculated average cycle length.

The advanced ovulation calculator at WhenMyBaby is another extremely useful tool, which forecasts your entire fertility window based on your cycle variations (shortest to longest cycle lengths).

The Rhythm Method (also known as Knaus-Ogino Method) also calculates fertile days using your shortest and longest cycles (over the past 12 month period). Consequently, as a trying to conceive tool, it can be useful since it identifies an expanded fertility period. Rhythm Method Calculator (at MyMonthlyCycles).