Ovulation Detection Methods

Fertility Monitors

Fertility monitors are complex electronic machines that look at several indicators to analyze data and help a woman gauge her level of fertility at any given time in her cycle, not only during her time of ovulation.

While most fertility monitors are more expensive than other ovulation prediction tests, many women prefer them because they are re-usable devices that may save money in the long run, since many women do not get pregnant in their first few cycles of trying to conceive.

One extremely popular device, the ClearBlue Fertility Monitor is designed to identify all of your fertile days, which typically can be up to 6 each menstrual cycle, including pinpointing your 2 peak fertile days, thereby providing a larger window of fertile opportunity.

Fertility monitors generally guide the user as to when to test, based not only on the initial information input into the machine's computer, but also on any personal patterns detected by previous uses of the monitor.