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Ovulation Predictor Kit Test Days Calculator

How OPKs Work
Create your ovulation prediction kit (OPK) test schedule for your current cycle, including a chart to track your ovulation test results!

Enter info about your cycle, and the start cycle day to test per the instructions for the OPK you've purchased. Or, click your cycle length from the chart below which matches your OPK's instructions.
Today's Date (Mon Jan 26, 2015) 
Period start date:
Average cycle length:
 How to calculate cycle length
Start OPK testing on Cycle Day?
 Check your OPK instructions
Number of Ovulation Test Days?
 The number of tests provided with your OPK
Doesn't match your OPK Instructions? Get Next chart...
Cycle Length
Start Testing
on Cycle Day #
21 5
22 5
23 6
24 7
25 8
26 9
27 10
28 11
29 12
30 13
31 14
32 15
33 16
34 17
35 18
36 19
37 20
38 21
39 22
40 23
Haven't purchased your Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK) yet?

You can what-if calcuate to check approximately when to ovulation test in your current cycle, or if it's already too late.

Once you buy your ovulation tests, re-calculate to get your revised schedule.

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