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Welcome to WhenMyBaby™

Free Preconception and Pregnancy Tools!

When thinking baby - now or later - when is a must-know! Use WhenMyBaby's free calculators to help plan your preconception and pregnancy when dates: conception days, pregnancy testing, your nine months.

Get a complete forecast of your current fertility cycle and when to pregnancy test! Start here!
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What are the pros and cons to early pregnancy testing with home pregnancy kits?  Answer>>
If I am trying to conceive, when is the best time in my cycle to conceive?  Answer>>
When does a menstrual period return after preganncy? Take>>
Ovulation Predictor Kits detect a surge of which hormone? Take>>
Many More Free Tools at, including:
Ovulation Calculator Period Planner PMS Calculator
Fertility Tracker Period Tracker PMS Tracker
Pregnancy Tracker Pregnancy Planner Gender Predictor
Conceiving Timer Symptom Charts Pregnancy Length
Mobile too!

Real Online Pregnancy Tests!

Visit the Gallery and help decide if pregnancy tests are positive, negative, iffy! Find tests by DPO, brand, photo tweak+

P-Stick addict? Welcome - add yours tests!

Bring your friends, stalk each others' tests!

2015 Pregnancy Due Date Chart
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